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Pt Gajananbuwa Joshi talks about his Music and Life. Disciple Dr Ashok Ranade interviews Buwa while disciples Arun Kashalkar and Madhukar Joshi (son) provide tanpura and vocal support.
Celebrated Masters: ITC Sangeet Research Academy (A web page on Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi)

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There are other websites that contain number of music pieces of Gajananbuwa and Antubuwa. These are: http://www.youtube.com/user/dattaji?feature=mhee and Dattaji's channel on Audiofarm Here are some typical comments on Gajananbuwa's and Antubuwa's music pieces uploaded on You Tube: The weblink is: http://www.youtube.com/user/dattaji?feature=mhee Dattaji's youtube channel
  1. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Barawa. "Wonderful. A raga sadly not commonly heard anymore. What are the words of the vilambit khayal?" ambindia 3 months ago
  2. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Bageshree "Delightful, Thanks." Rajiv Chakravarti 3 months ago
  3. Comment on Antubuwa's rendering of Raga Shree " Aakaar and Meend work is superb! He had excellent command over Bol-baant. Very precious recording, Chota khayal is 'Lajawab'........thanks duttaji" MrDjthakur 4 months ago
  4. Comment on Antubuwa's rendering of Raga Marawa. Published on 6 May 2012 by dattaji Raga Marawa by Pandit Antubuwa Joshi. Listening to Antubuwa is like discovering the very sacred roots of Gwailor Gayaki. The purity of Antubuwa's Gayaki has no parallel. The apparent simplicity, innocence without any blemish or external corrupting influence has a kind of meditative quality. This Gayaki is what you may call घरंदाज खानदानी गायकी! Uploaders' Comments ( dattaji ) • Your description of Antubua's gayaki is perfect. It were his qualities of simplicity that made him a good teacher the outcome of which were great artists like Pandit Gajananbuwa and Pandit Ratanjankar who later became a representative of the Agra Gharana. Achyut • Thank you for your comments, Achyut. Yes. I agree. Mind you, what is simple to listen to is probably very difficult to sing. One of the aspects of Gwalior Gayaki of Antubuwa and his son Gajananbuwa is that it sounds homely. It is as if you have met a friend whom you have known for a long time! dattaji in reply to achyutkarve • It is very astonishing to see how one can put basic alankar's of swaras to practical use. In fact it is this aspect that brings simplicity to his or the Gwalior gayaki. achyutkarve 4 months ago
  5. Comment on Antubuwa's rendering of Raga Jayjaywanti "Published on 6 May 2012 by dattaji Raga Jayjaywanti sung by Pandit Antubuwa. • Wonderful - do you also have a 'jod' to go with it? Antubuwa had also composed a jod ('Natwar ban-ban naachan laago ri') which he sang often. RajaPundalik 4 months ago This is one of the first khayal compositions that are taught to singers brought up in the Gwalior tradition. What a charmer! Thanks for posting it. • vinaypande 4 months ago
  6. Comment on Antubuwa's rendering of Raga Gaudmalhar Published on 5 May 2012 by dattaji Pandit Antubuwa sings Raga Gaud Malhar. Accompaniment is done by Antubuwa's son Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi. Uploaders' Comments ( dattaji ) • Thanks very much. recordings coming thick and fast. Just as well the 10 minute limit has been removed on YouTube. I managed to catch the name of the accompanying singer, and tabla player but could not understand the name of the sarangi player. Could you help please? ambindia 4 months ago • Thanks for comments. Much appreciated. dattaji in reply to ambindia 4 months ago • what a lovely old recording with anokhe lal on tabla. Hence pre-1958. I can’t figure out who is on sarangi. air Calcutta I presume? vinaypande 4 months ago • Thanks for your feedback. • Tilwara theka is also unique. dattaji, Thanks for this precious upload. MrDjthakur 4 months ago • Ok someone heard it and said it is gopal mishra the GREAT sarangiya from Benares. clearly an all star cast! ambindia 4 months ago
  7. Comment on Buwa's 75th Birthday celebration in Dombivali. "Published on 3 May 2012 by dattaji Pandit Gajananbuwa was one of the most versatile musicians of his time. Indeed you could argue that he was a unique musician. Here is a brief summary of the key facts of Gajananbuwa's life. Birth: 30th January 1911 in Mumbai Parents: Pandit Antubuwa and Indirabai Death: 28th June 1987 in Dombivali He was one of the few musicians who had mastered the Gayaki of three different Gharanas - i.e. singing style of three musical traditions- schools. It is difficult enough to learn and grasp the Gayaki of one Gharana. It takes many years may be a life time to master the Gayaki of a single Gharana. Buwa however mastered the traditions of three musical schools in one life time. He was an undisputed grand master of Laya - Rhythm. He was an illustrious Guru (teacher) who generously taught, trained and passed on his knowledge and Gayaki on a one to one basis to many noted musicians of today who continue the tradition of his musical style (Gayaki). Wonderful speech by Dr Ashok Ranade. A real treat in its own right. The celebration took place in Dombivali near Mumbai in Maharashtra State. It was organised by Shivanand Sangeet Pratishtan founded by Pandit Gajananbuwa. • Thanks for your feedback. dattaji in reply • Such treasures. Thanks for sharing tendulkarmanu 4 months ago
  8. Comment on Antubuwa's rendering of Raga Yaman Published on 5 May 2012 by dattaji Pandit Aanant Manohar Joshi affectionately called Antubuwa sings Raga Yaman. Antubuwa was the father of Pandit Gajananbuwa. Uploaders' Comments ( dattaji ) • what a wonderful recording! thank you for posting this beauty. I presume from AIR, 1950's vintage? vinaypande 4 months ago • he was born in 1878. not sure which year he lived up to. the length of the recording suggests the 1950s? ambindia in reply to vinaypande 4 months ago • Antubuwa was born in the year 1881 and passed away in 1967. dattaji in reply to ambindia 4 months ago • Thank you for your feedback. dattaji in reply to vinaypande 4 months ago • I especially liked the drut bandish... vinaypande 4 months ago • and the present recording? date? source? sounds like an a i r recording for sure. ambindia in reply to dattaji • 1967.. vinaypande 4 months ago
  9. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Shankara on Violin. Published on 28 Apr 2012 by dattaji Raga Shankara on Violin played by Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi Uploaders' Comments ( dattaji ) • thanks a lot for sharing all these videos of Gajananbuwa. just because of you we enjoying this rich flavor of music. some people never share such rare recordings with other making it a prestige issue but you are sharing all such recordings ...salute to this attitude. alhadva 4 months ago • Thank you for your kind words. I believe that Music is like air or nature! It is a divine gift and to share music that can be shared with others is one of the joys of life. dattaji in reply to alhadva 4 months ago • absolutely. but unfortunately very few in classical-music circle have this approach. but thanks again. if you have any recordings of Pt. Jagdish Prasad please share it. he is my favorite singer. alhadva in reply to dattaji
  10. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Telang Published on 25 Apr 2012 by dattaji Raga Tilang by Gajananbuwa Joshi on Violin • Thanks. dattaji in reply First! cpursekar 4 months ago
  11. Comment on Buwa's tuition : Published on 24 Mar 2012 by dattaji Panditji teaches Raga Deskar. This is Music in the Making! • A beautiful rendition.One may be able to learn the little nuances and chalan of Raga Vibhas. And the Vistar and Badhat of Raga with Rhythm. And prompt extension or cutting short looking at the sum is really pure mental maths. he teaches you to sing along with tal, Anand Nafday 3 months ago Comment on Buwa's presentation of Raga Durga on Violin. Uploaded by dattaji on 18 Feb 2012 The legendary Gajananbuwa plays Raga Durga on Violin • Thanks for your comment. dattaji in reply • beautiful!!!!!! do we know who is on tabla? manasi1102 1 month ago
  12. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Gavati on Violin: Thank you for your comments. Gajananbuwa without doubt was and remains the Greatest Violin Player. Being a Master Vocalist what he played on Violin was in essence his Gayaki! This is a rare gem. Not many violin players have played GAVATI in this style. Variety shown is indeed awesome. Those who have heard him live will bless you forever. Subhahs Kirtane
  13. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Chandrakans on Violin. • I agree with your comment. Thanks or it. Gajananbuwa was the Greatest Violin Player for many including me. dattaji in reply • प्रत्येक समेत एक वेगळेच आकर्षण व सुंदरता आहे. ४७:३६ ला रेकॉर्डिंग संपले जणू कोणी समोरचे पंचपक्वानांचे ताट उचलून नेले असे वाटले.एवढचं रेकॉर्डिंग आहे कां??? Excellent Recording and Uploading. Speechless Performance. dattaji......लई भारी. Uday2310 10 months ago
  14. Comment on Buwa's presenting of Raga Hameer: "What a masterly completely astoundingly beatific performance this is! Is the Maestro assisted by one of his sons or Ulhas? Can't thank you for sharing this priceless recording! Bless you!" Vithal Nadkarni Dattaji's response to the above comment: " thank you. i am very happy that you are enjoying buwa's gayaki as much as many of his fans includig me do it. both ulhas and madhu are on tambora."
  15. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Sindura: "@Dattaji. Thanks again. The drut bandish of Daraspiya, of which Gajananbuwa Joshi just sings the first line is as follows: Sunaat saab lugawa/ soutansanga rahaat hai/ hama sey karaat barajori/ Darasapiya mori manaat nahi/ aeri aali mori dahi ki mataaki saaba phori! (I am not too sure about the last line though....) Do you have it and can you share it?" Vithal Nadkarni "It is great to see listeners listening to Bua to this day and that too when the recording quality is not great. My conviction that his recordings need to be digitalized irrespective of the quality has been vindicated. Thanks to Dattaji for uploading them on the net. To me Gajananbua is like Ahmedjan Thirakwa as he has compacted all the three gharanas into one without sacrificing on their individual nicieties. The only one I have heard who achieved this was Bakhalebua." achyutkarve "the singing is wonderful as always. Thank you for all of these uploads and please keep them coming. Your collection is invaluable. Shrutiglawn"
  16. Comment on Buwa's singing of Raga Chhayanat. "no wonder ulhas kashalkar is such a stud....these gents are soooooo underrated its criminal." subalternator
  17. Comments on Buwa's presentation of Raga Darbari. " Darabari Kanada is a majestic Raga - Panditji's rendering does full justice to the Grand 'ROOP' - grand personality of this Raga. A delightful live performance." Uploder- Dattaji. " WAVA KYA BAAT HAI. BAHUT AACHHE, KHANDANI SUREKHA." VIDYADHAR56
  18. Comments on Buwa's performance of Raga Bhoop. " thank you dattaji for sharing this otherwise unavailable music. you have done me a great service." Shrutiglawn
  19. Comment on Buwa's teaching session - Raga Durga. " excellent. great example of a gharanebaaj taalim." MrSirGoober
  20. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Multani on Violin " Absolutely wonderful! This is how one should play violin." kamupendse1
  21. Comment on Buwa's rendering of Raga Bahar on Violin. " i want to listen to this often often in the future.." shubhangiravindra
  22. Comment on Gajananbuwa's video piece on You Tube about his 75th Birthday celebration: "thank you so much for such a video, Gajananbua's disciples have kept him alive in not just their music, but also in their hearts..." abhishekkumar108
  23. Comment on You Tube on Buwa’s tuition of Raga Bhoop This is priceless stuff. Thank you so much. Shamsher Singh Mann
  24. Comment on You Tube on Buwa’s presentation of Raga Bihagda Pandit Gajananrao Joshi have sung with authenticity. A old traditional bandish and specially Drut Bandish of Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang. Pandit ji was a worthy disciple of worthy Guru. classicalgem
  25. Comment on Buwa's tuition of Raga Jaunpuri do you have any audio of Panditi teaching violin? These audio recordings are so good for anyone who has any interest to learn. What precious treasure! Thank you for uploading them and sharing. hc408
  26. Simply wonderful -- Thanks so much for sharing this clip, a rare peek into the ta'aleem session. Kashalkar-ji too teaches/practices with a dagga played with the left hand, the tanpur with the right -- like teacher, like disciple! Takes great control of laya and sur.
  27. Comment on Gajananbuwa's Raga Basant on Violin This is fantastic! thanks dattaji for posting this, as well as other gems! Chinmay Datar
  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IahTwwDZNgs&lcor=1&lc=LaTfNzHjhm9pco-CjOJalazPg-dEm2RBi9b_TPy1iKg&lch=email&feature=em-comment_received Comment made by Achyut Karve. Every great artist has an amazing quality of putting down whether on paper or through a medium of his choice ones thoughts consciously. Nothing in their lives happens as a matter of chance. Instead it is a product of uninterrupted life long contemplation. In Gajananrao Joshi we see not only see the rigorous training he under went under various gurus but also a blending into it of his own pursuit of purity and continuity. This results into a style of his own.
  29. What a wonderful treat this is. Bua is a wonderful teacher. hc408 Please check out the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM5kHq1tR-g&lcor=1&lc=woOBo3yz2KDyORBmHrRIPRZ8jM-z2uw2b3xEvOs_D18&lch=email&feature=em-comment_received
  30. I just heard Gajanan Buwa's Basant and was awestruck. Only musician like him can bring out the subtleties of a Raag. Simply inimitable. Sujan Rane
  31. knisar22 has posted a video in response to Pandit Gajananrao Joshi plays 'Narwar Krishna Saman'
  32. Asif Hasnain has made a comment on Pandit Gajananbuwa sings Raga 'Chhayanat'. This has to be one of the most magnificent renditions of Chayanat that I have heard! Thank you!!
  33. smita wagh has made a comment on Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi sings Raga Purva Divine Music...
  34. mohan rao has made a comment on Pandit Gajananrao Joshi plays 'Narwar Krishna Saman' a beautiful renedition of our NATYA SANGEET popular song by Grand Master Gajanan rao Joshi brings back nostalgic memories of Art and devotion to Indian Clasical music.
  35. ' आज राधे तोरे बदनपर ' - व्वा. बुवांनी धमाल उडवून दिली आहे. अनुकूल आवाज नसूनही अत्यंत दर्जेदार आणि आकर्षक गायकी पेश करणारा दुसरा गायक निदान मी तरी ऐकलेला नाही. सुरवातीची संथ आलापी नुसतीच भारदस्त नाही तर मोहकही आहे. बुवांवरचे लेख वाचून असा समाज होतो की हा गृहस्थ भलताच शिस्तप्रिय असावा. पण त्यांचं गाणं मला नुसतं आकर्षक आणि ढंगदार न्हवे तर बरेचदा रंगेलही वाटतं. या रामकलीतल्या ताना आणि बोल ताना केवळ अप्रतीम आहेत. पण या विलक्षण बडया ख्यालानंतरची द्रुत चीज म्हणजे माझ्यापुरता तरी फक्त ताकभाताचा उपचार.
  36. Suneel Durve has made a comment on Pandit Gajananbuwa plays Raga Chandrakans on Violin दत्ताजी, तुमची धन्य आहे. श्रीमंत आहात. आम्हालाही श्रीमंत केलत.
  37. Now, this is one of the very best Miyan ki Malhars ever! What a fantastic rendering. He was such a legendary singer, most unfortunately the establishment did not give him the recognition he deserved. - ConnoisseurOfICM
  38. Pandit Gajananbuwa's Bageshree
    I just cannot stop listening to this. Hard to say what is awesome about this. Is it the awesome gayaki of Buwa? Is it the wonderful sarangi that brings out the best in Buwa by reproducing all those taans? Is it the understated yet solid accompaniment by the tabla pandit? (I refuse to use tabalchi, for it is derogatory!). Add to that the excellent sur singing a la Gwalior style. Just brilliant. Cannot thank you enough dattaji. More power to you! :)​