Whom he Admired

The Mount Everest of Classical Music the Great Ustad Alladiya Khan Saheb. Surshree Kesarbai Kerkar probably the Greatest female Khyal singer of all times. Surshree Kesarbai sings Raga Tilak Kamod We believe that every serious student of Hindustani Art Music should listen to Kesarbai on a regular basis. When Gajananbuwa first listened to Kesarbai in a concert his response in his own words was " I went utterly mad"! To listen to more recordings of Surshree Kesarbai please click here -- Dattaji and Bacchubhai.
Pandit Vazebuwa: He was Gajananbuwa's Guru. Pandit Vazebuwa sings Raag Khat Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khansaheb: Pandit Gajananbuwa also became his disciple to learn Agra Gharana Gayaki. Here is a wonderful rendering of Raga Bageshree_Bahar by Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan saheb
Ustad Thirakhaw Khasaheb the emperor of Tabla playing and Pandit Gajananbuwa the emperor of Violin playing were friends. They both had a mutual respect and admiration. Witnessing in person the concert of Buwa playing violin and Khansaheb accompanying Buwa was an extraordinary treat for music lovers. Khansaheb used to visit Buwa in Dombivali and participated in Aundh Music Festival organised by Swami Shivanand Sangeet Pratishtan. Buwa was one of the few musicians who used to play Tabla and was a master of TALAs (Rhythmic cycles). As a Guru he would also teach his disciples the importance of TALAS and LAYA. Please check out the web link on the page "As seen by others" to listen to the live performance of Buwa and Khasaheb. -- Dattaji and Bacchubhai
Gajananbuwa and Heerabai had a great mutual respect for each other. They both enjoyed the music concerts of one another. Talking about Heerabai's Gayaki Buwa remarked that he likes the disciplined singing style Gayaki (गायकी) of Heerabai. Heerabai on the other hand enjoyed Buwa's exceptional tunefulness in his singing.. (Surelpana- सुरेलपणा) Please check out the weblink below. A delightful Yaman sung by Heerabhai. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0jvrh-QS68&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEyEUhO6kjU -- Dattaji and Bacchubhai
"One of the greatest Khyal Gayak of Jaipur Atroli Gharana was Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur. Pandit Mansur was Gajananbuwa's Guru_Bandhu. There is also some similarity in the background of these two great musicians. Pandit Mansur had his initial training in Gwalior Gharana before he became a disciple of Ustad Manji Khansaheb and then Ustad Bhurji Khan Saheb. Pandit Mansur was also a colleague of Gajananbuwa. They both worked as consultants for All India Radio Delhi. Please check out the web link below to listen to delightful rendering of Raga nand by Pandit Mansurji: http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/14711 -- Dattaji and Bacchubhai
Pandit Gajananbuwa had a great respect for Mogubai Kurdikar the celebrated vocalist of Jaipur Atroli Gharana. Some fans of Mogubai argue that Mogubai was perhaps the Greatest Female Vocalist of the recent past. Of course such judgements are subjective. However it is a fact that Mogubai was without doubt one of the Greatest singers of Jaipur Atroli Gharana who was a disciple of the Mount Everest of Hindustani Art Music - The Great Alladiya Khan Saheb." Mogubai sings Raga Bageshree Bahar. A wonderful performance. Another short piece of Gaan Tapaswini Mogubai where she presents Raga Basanti Kedar - What an energetic and superb performance!