Gajananbuwa a Guru

We give below an excellent article written by Gajananbuwa's disciple Dr Ashok Ranade. Dr Ashok was a polymath: musicologist, scholar, researcher, author, music composer, classical vocalist, teacher and essayist. Bijubhai as we used to address him started learning music from his Guru Gajananbuwa at a tender age of ten. According to Biju's own admission Buwa treated him as his son. Despite being so close to Buwa Biju's article is objective and explains succinctly Buwa as a vocalist,a violinist and a Guru.The article appeared in the annual magazine 'RIYAZ' published by the Shivanand Sangeet Pratishtan'. -- Dattaji and Bacchubhai. >> Taleem recordings >> Gajananbuwa a sage like Guru >> Some of Buwa's noted disciples We give below some relevant, interesting and revealing comments made by Gajananbuwa’s noted disciple Padmashree Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar. These comments give some insight in Gajananbuwa’s Gayaki. The comments are extracted from an article written by Meena Banerjee of Kolkata. The original article appeared in Gajananbuwa’s Birth Centenary issue of the Magazine ‘Riyaz’ published by Swami Shivanand Pratishtan of Dombivali near Mumbai, India. - Dattaji and Bacchubhai.
Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar says
As a Guru, Gajananbuwa was peerless. He demanded total dedication to one’s art and despised any sort of compromise. Just as learning was his mission, dissemination of the acquired wealth of knowledge also was another mission of his life.” “Though he tasted his first success as a violinist, Guruji held vocalism above instrument playing. There came a phase when, much late in his life, he had stopped giving violin recitals. After a long gap on persistent request by organisers he agreed to play; but only on one condition: he should be given a fortnight’s time to prepare for the recital. He went back to his rigorous playing practice sessions and gave a wonderful performance! But his smooth success as a violinist never deterred him from pursuing vocal music. Guruji diligently performed daily riyaaz of the elementary Sa-Re-Ga-Ma- till his last days. His was an exemplary life.”
Referring to Buwa’s voice, Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar says
“It is true he did not have a great voice - the kind that wins a listener straight away; he did not have the honeyed voice like Pandit D V Paluskar or Pandit Kumar Gandharva, but despite its rather crusty timber it was very Sureela and extremely tuneful. With relentless riyaz he infused such resonance and taasir (emotive appeal) that his singing attracted everyone. I went to train with him in 1975; he was in his mid60s then but even at that age he did his riyaz religiously.”
Talking about Buwa’s Gayaki, Ulhasji says
“His alap was neither very slow nor played with selected few notes for step by step elaboration like badhat of Kirana Gharana. Following the Gwalior tradition he would simply reveal the raga without much ado and adhere to its undiluted pure structure. Even in heavy ragas like Darbari he would use the full canvas of the raga right from the word go with movements that were layabaddha. Melody and Rhythm remained well knit throughout. Arrival at sam after small phrases added to the thrill. He rarely sought the help of the tihais though while playing violin he liked to do so. Sargams did not feature in his singing at all but while teaching he would expertly sing sargams to explain the note combinations of fast running tans for the benefit of his disciples to follow the patterns easily. Since he acquired raga-vidya from several gharanas and since gharna’s novel characteristics come to the fore by remaining focused only on some of the khyal-angas, he assembled each of these to highlight all the ashta-angas (eight elements) of khyal vocalism in his gayaki with superb ingenuity.”
Taleem: Buwa imparting lessons to his illustrious disciple Ulhas Kashalkar
Morning Raagas
Jaunpuri: Kaun Rijhavan
Jaunpuri: Ab Rang Ghuliya (Antara)
Bhairav: Tori Bari Phooli
Bibhas: Sargam and Khayal
Bibhas: Albelo Mero
Miya ki Todi: Sargam
Miya ki Todi: Bajo Re
Deskar: Hu To Tore Karan
Deskar: Howan Lage
Deskar: Jago Jago Mohan
Alhaiya Bilawal
Alhaiya Bilawal
Afternoon Raagas
GaudSarang: Pati Jhargainya
GaudSarang: Pati Jhargainya
Bheempalasi: Sargam in Tilwada and Dholan Mende
Bheempalasi: Guniyan So
Bheempalasi: Guniyan So & Ram Rasiya (Tilwada)
Early Evening Raagas
Purvi: Piyarwa Ke
Purvi: Mai To Na Jaoon (Jhoomra)
Shree: Wari Jaoon Re
Gauri: Bhor Bhai Aaye
Marwa: Sargam and Laagi Lagan
Purbha: Re Man Tu
LalitaGauri: Preetam Saiya
Jaitashri: Bhaj Man Ram
Jaitashri: Sargam in Teentaal
Jaitashri: Jab Te Piyu
Early Night Raagas
Yaman: Kaise Ghar Jaoon (Teentaal)
Yaman: Kahe Sakhi Kaise Ke
Bhoop: Sargam
Bhoop: Aaj Moundal Baje
Bhoop: Jabhi Sab Nirpat
Bhoop: Ri Ta Nu
Bhoop: Jhanj Mandilara
Hameer: Sargam
Hameer: Sun sun re
Shuddha Kalyan: Piya Bin Dekhe (Tilwada)
Shuddha Kalyan
Kamod: Jane Na Dungi
Kamod: Tore Darbar
Kedar: Sargam in Tilwada
Kamod: Tore Darbar
Kedar: Jogi (Tilwada)
Kedar: Sa ReSa Ma !
Hemkalyan: Daiya Ri Mai Kaise
Jayat Kalyan: Papiha Na Bole
Tilang: Hari Ke Bhajan Bin (Jhaptaal)
Savani: Dev Dev
Kavval Bacchon Ka Chhayanat
Bihagda: Pyari Pag Hole
Savani: Dev Dev
MaruBihag: Jage Mere Bhag
SurMalhar: Chamke (Tilwada)
SurMalhar: Chamke & Garaj Garaj Ghan
Puriya: Sughar Bana
Puriya: Sughar Bana
Durga: More Gharwa
Des: Sakhi Ghan Garjat Ati Ghora
Nat Kamod: Javori
Nat Kamod: Newar Bajo
Late Night Raagas
GaudMalhar: Balma Bahar Aayi (Teentaal)
Basant: Chalan in sargam
Basanti Kedar: Atar Sugandh
Patmanjari: Mori Aakhan Me
Patmanjari: Mori Aakhan Me
Gara Kanada: BaaramBaar
Malkauns: Daya Karo & Payaliya Baje
Sampoorna Malkauns: Baraj Rahi
Darbari Kanada: Hazrat (Jhoomra)
Jaijaiwanti: Payal Baje (Jhaptaal)
Jaijaiwanti: Payal Baje (Jhaptaal)
Kankan: Pt Ramkrishnabuwa Vaze taught this rarely heard Raag to Gajananbuwa.
Nayaki Kanada: Mora Re
Rayasa Kanada: Man Mohalino (Teentaal)
Darbari Kanada: Sargam
Darbari Kanada: Dulhan Teri
Bageshree Kanada: Yeho War
Kaushi Kanada: Naiya Mori
Megh: Garaj Ghata
Gajananbuwa a sage like Guru Original Photo from Riyaz- The annual Magazine published by Shivanand Swami Sangeet Pratishthan Photo- Painting by Dattaji. >>Gajananbuwa Teaches his disciples Some of Buwa's noted disciples
Shreedhar Parsekar, Gajanan Karnad.Padmashree Ulhas Kashalkar, Arun Kashalkar, Jayashree Patnekar, Padma Talwalkar, Shubhada Paradkar, Kaushalya Manjeshwar, Dr. Vikas Kashalkar, Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Shaila Datar, Kunda Weling, Dr. Ashok Ranade, Buwa’s son Madhukar Joshi, Buwa’s daughter Sucheta Bidkar and Buwa’s granddaughters Pallavi Joshi and Apoorva Gokhale.