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  • Hi, Buwa's web site is so gorgeous. I remembered a book on Marathi Natak(s) written by a very renowned drama artist(नट ). I forgot the name. The book was named मखमलीचा पडदा. Only those interested in sangeet natak can know the value of the title. For a moment, I thought I will see Balgandharv or so once the curtain folds sidewise. Congratulations on design. I have heard a few items and will listen more soon . I have loved violin recitals of, of course Hindustani musicians, and was delighted till I heard it from south Indian violinists. I found the strokes of Hindustani musicians were very light compared to those of south Indians, N.Rajam or M S Gopalkrushan except Gajanan Buwa. He was always my favorite violinist. Regards. Viju.
  • WOW, what a melodious treat..! "Congratulations" for very well design website with rare and priceless gems, appreciated. Thanx with regards. Jayant and Veena Kulkarni New York.
  • Website is superb. Your efforts to pay tribute to buwa are commendable. I was listening Raag Des from the website. So many times you would say "Wah!" Such a great artist!
  • Dear Nandusaheb, Namaskar and "Happy Holidays with Prosperous New year..!" I must 'Congratulate' you for doing wonderful service in classical and related music world. I am very impressed and glad to see your wonderful websites 'ShadjaMadhyam' and 'Gajananbuwa Joshi. Jayant V. Kulkarni. New York
  • Thanks a lot for uploading this and other "master classes". Absolutely divine
  • So nice to hear Gajanan Buwa in longer versions. you tube only has clippings. Your website has all the ragas from morning to mid night. I have really enjoyed visiting the site. Anand Nafday