Pandit Govindrao Tembe

Pandit Govindrao Tembe was probably the greatest polymath. He was a Great Harmonium Player. He was responsible for promoting Harmonium as a solo instrument. He was a music composer of both the films and theatre. His compositions of the songs in the play MANAPMAN continue to be popular as before and are part of the Marathi Musical Culture. He was an author, a musicologist and a poet. He was the first main character (hero) in the first Marathi non-silent film AAYODHETCHA RAJA. In the film industry he worked as an editor, producer, director, and actor. He was an actor on the stage and a friend of BAL Gandharva. A unique multi talented artist indeed! Pandit Govindrao was a friend of Pandit Gajananbuwa. When Buwa was living in Kolhapur he was invited at least once a year to Govindrao’s residence in Kolhapur to play violin! >> Click to listen to Pandit Govindrao Tembe's Harmonium Piece