Khansaheb's comment about Buwa

The emperor of Tabla the Great Ustad Thirakhawa Khan Saheb said about Pandit Gajananbuwa: "ऐसा बेडर बम्मन कलाकार आजतक हमने देखा नहीं" "To date I have not seen (met) such a fearless artist among Brahmins" This comment was Khansaheb's compliment to and appreciation of Buwa's adventurous, aggressive, extempore and perfect rhythmic work in general and in particular when Khansaheb was accompanying Buwa on Tabla. Is it a wonder that Buwa's Violin and Khansaheb's Tabla accompaniment was always a real treat to the music lovers and even the Great Grand Masters like Bal Gandharva and Master Krishnrao!

Gajananbuwa on Violin and Khansaheb on Tabla - Raga Mulatani